Hey guys, remember that ugly naked dude in FRIENDS?

Of course you do. Such legends can’t be forgotten.

He was the gang’s no-fucks-given, scandalous neighbour, discovered through a window of their famous apartment one day. Needless to say, everyone was beyond shocked. Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe and Joey’s looks of horror-disgust-nausea are permanently embedded in our memories.


After a while, the characters almost got used to the sight of him loitering around at home with his stuff hanging out. They even started checking up on him from time to time. Love-hate goes a long way, my friends.


They even enjoyed it.


At some point, we even wanted to tell them to get a grip! Enough with UNG, guys! 


Now, the show’s longtime-running popular joke seems to have come to life. An Australian dude has gleefully taken a leaf out of UNG’s book and is treating his neighbours to exactly the same! The only difference is that he’s got a solid reason to do so. Also, he has sort-of abs instead of a bear belly.

Well, I can’t say his neighbours are liking it as much as our good old friends.


So, this is how his story goes. He was living happily, chilling in his sexy crib, when his locality’s developers decided to construct a multi-story building right in front of his property. Once it was done, the man realised, to his horror, that all 5 windows of his neighbour’s new home had full-blown views of his bedroom, backyard and living room.

His privacy was officially dead.

What did he do then? As he was already feeling pretty exposed, he decided to give them a full show of everything they didn’t ask to see. I mean, everything. Tit for tat, till you get what you want.

If I reveal any more, you won’t have fun watching the video. It’s only fair that I let the guy give you his epic story first-hand. And you’ll have a darn fun time getting acquainted with his ballsiness. Ehm.