Meet Nate from The Devil Wears Prada. Dude played Andrea’s boyfriend and not a very supportive one. While the narrative of the show portrayed Andy’s boss, played by Meryl Streep, as the villain, it was actually Andy who was the devil in disguise.

Entertainment Weekly

First things first, Andy herself wasn’t a righteous individual, our girl went to a fashion publication and judged the hell out of everyone working there as superficial. Woman, we are calling it out. 

But okay, our judgy Betty deserves a healthy relationship. No doubt there. But poor Andy got into bed with the actual devil, who got to dump her and make her feel bad about her new and improved self. Satan knows its tricks all too well.

Nate had the guts to insinuate ‘did they even look at you before hiring you’ when Andy landed a job at a notable fashion magazine-

You got a job at a fashion magazine? What was it, a phone interview?

And then when our girl renovates her wardrobe, Nate pulls her down by saying, ‘I liked the old clothes better’.

And the moment when their relationship hits a serious bump, is when Andy misses out Nate’s birthday party because she had to work late. Girrrl, if your man can’t understand that you have to prioritise work sometimes, then you’re better off without him anyway.

Dude gives her crap by sitting in a dark room, waiting for her to come back home. And if that was not enough, he breaks up with her, when she gets a fricking awesome job opportunity in Paris-

I wouldn’t care if you were out there pole dancing all night so long as you did it with a little integrity. You used to say this was just a job, you used to make fun of the Runway girls. Now you’ve become one of them.

You didn’t have to pull down an entire industry to break up with your girlfriend, Nate. See this is why you are in hell, devil.

According to your arbitrary moral standards, you dragged down your girlfriend, runway girls (who BTW don’t care what you think about them) and even shamed pole dancers by your insinuation. Congrats.

Not just Nate, Andy was basically surrounded by a bunch of unsupportive individuals who had zero regard for her job. 


During this dinner scene with her friends, Andy’s boss calls her. Jokingly they start playing fetch with her phone. Truly, friends like these fill in for enemies in your life too.

Relationships are obviously important. The mature thing to do was to have a healthy conversation with Andy, instead of constantly shaming her and her job. This was not well-handled. To all the Nates out there, learn and grow.

That’s all.