Season 4 of The Crown, on Netflix, has opened to rave reviews, with people particularly impressed by the show's ability to accurately nail the casting in every season and remain true to actual events as much as possible.  

The Crown on Netflix
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One of the two main new characters introduced in this season, is none other than Princess Diana, played by Emma Corrin. 

Princess Diana
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While it seems nearly impossible to imagine anyone as Princess Diana, there is no denying the fact that from her iconic wave to her innate sensitivity & impeccable fashion sense, Emma Corrin seems to have nailed the look. 

Princess Diana in The Crown
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Here's a look at some of the most iconic moments from Princess Diana's life, that were recreated in season 4 of the show: 

The 'Royal' engagement in February 1981. 

And yes, when an interviewer commented to Prince Charles, after the engagement, that they looked 'very much in love', he actually did respond, "Whatever in love means", even as Princess Diana responded, "Yes, of course."

The Crown
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Princess Diana and Prince Charles' visit to the royal family's Balmoral Estate in Scotland, in May 1981. 

The Crown S4
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The Wedding Rehearsal 

Princess Diana's iconic wedding gown. 

Diana's Wedding Gown
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The Australia - New Zealand Tour of 1983. 

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Princess Diana's performance on 'Uptown Girl' at the Royal Opera House

Princess Diana's solo trip to New York

Can't wait to watch the whole season again!