There’s no doubt that the television industry has been churning out a number of romantic shows recently. However, there are only a couple of shows that tugged at our heartstrings with their brilliant portrayal of some realistic relationships.

Here are some of the television shows that seriously made our hearts go aww!

1. David & Patrick – Schitt’s Creek 

While there are a number of brilliant characters on the show, it’s this duo that really melts our hearts each time we watch this show. This adorbs couple and their healthy relationship proved that not every on-screen couple needs a plot twist or a series of breakups in order to be with the ‘right person’ in the end. 


2. Dhruv & Kavya – Little Things 

This relatable couple, who find love in little things that they do for each other, is the epitome of true love. Going through different ups and downs in their relationship together, this couple proved that a long-distance relationship is not easy but yet worth fighting for. With the perfect balance of being best friends and partners, they are undoubtedly the most real modern-day couple on-screen.


3. Mikesh & Tanya – Permanent Roommates 

This tale is all about how two people, with different family backgrounds, take things forward after being in a long-distance relationship for three years. From their struggle and separation to romance, this duo is literally couple goals. 

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4. Jake & Amy – Brooklyn Nine Nine 

This dreamy couple is nothing but a match made in television heaven. From their friendly (well, almost) competitions to their quick-witted banter, we have been rooting for this couple since day one. Remember how he proposes to her in the evidence room during the heist and she accepts? We are not crying, you are!


5. Neel & Sameera – Cheesecake 

With one of the most honest and relatable couples out there, this light-hearted show is a treat for all doggo lovers. Showcasing how an adorable four-legged goofball changes the lives of all the on-screen characters, this show is a must-watch. 


6. Rishi & Dimple – Mismatched 

It was love at first sight for us as soon as we saw this cute couple on our television screens. This couple taught us a very important lesson that just because you think that you have figured out everything, it doesn’t really mean that you actually have. This couple grows their friendship and fall insanely in love only to fall out of it. 


7. Cheryl & Toni – Riverdale 

From being enemies to being this oh-so-cute couple, this duo came a long way. This badass young couple not only supports each other but also brings out the best in each other. From their first kiss to their first slow dance, this couple really made us believe in love. #ChoniForever 


8. Karan & Tripurasundari – Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 

This romantic drama is a fresh take on love. Bringing the magic of this iconic television couple back on the streaming platform, their chemistry is the highlight of the show. While the two have different personalities, their love-hate relationship made all of us smile throughout the entire show. 


9. Anuj & Gauravi – Baarish 

Marking his digital debut with this show, Sharman Joshi has played a brilliant character on this show. From being strangers with completely different backgrounds to being married, their love story is an excellent example of a realistic love story. 


10. Monica & Chandler – FRIENDS 

Do we NEED to say anything more? People might like Ross and Rachel but Mondler is an entire vibe. They embrace each other’s weirdness and quirkiness. From being best friends to the best parents, this iconic duo holds the title of the best relationship on the show. Remember how she gets down on one knee and tries to propose to him? I can’t help it, I opened a gate! 

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Which is your favourite on-screen couple?