In light of the increasing number of reality shows and how children are performing in them, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting had recently issued a notice to desist from showing children in a vulgar, indecent, suggestive and inappropriate manner on dance reality shows.     

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This initiation was done by the advisory after they received various complaints regarding how young kids are performing in these reality shows.  They have advised for children of 10 years or younger to not participate in distasteful forms of dancing.   

Child participants enact and imitate grown up actors which includes some inappropriate dance movements executed by kids. Gestures, dialogues and dance moves performed by the kids appear to be suggestive and obscene for their age. 

This action was also adhered by the ministry keeping in mind the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act of 1995. The act suggests that no programme must be carried on cable television which degenerates children in any form and manner. This act also includes that if there are shows meant for children, there shouldn't be any foul language or scenes of violence.    

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This act also states that if there are shows meant for children, there shouldn't be any foul language or scenes of violence.         

The Ministry has accordingly issued an Advisory to all private satellite TV channels to avoid showing children in an indecent, suggestive and inappropriate manner in dance reality shows or other such programmes. The channels have been further advised to exercise maximum restraint, sensitivity, and caution while showing such reality shows and programmes.    
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The same kind of advisory was issued by BCCC in 2012 under ‘Sexualisation of Children in TV Shows', but the complaints hadn't stopped even after that.   

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Meanwhile, this action has been welcomed by the judges of various reality dance show like Anurag Basu, Remo D'souza, Asley Lobo to name a few.