There’s few things as effective at numbing the brain and pushing away the pain than reality shows – especially ones featuring hot people getting borderline explicit. Case in point – Too Hot To Handle. I mean, the premise is basically putting a bunch of supermodels together and not letting them have sex. The horror! But if that’s the kind of drama you’re looking for (and who am I kidding, aren’t we all?), then here are some other shows you can watch to keep that flame burning.

1. Love Is Blind

A group of people communicate from separate rooms, trying to see if they connect without actually looking at each other. Heck, they even have to propose without looking at their partners, all to determine if love goes deeper than physical attraction.


2. Dating Around

One single person goes on 5 dates with 5 different people. The person then decides who out of the five they will go on a 2nd date with, while dumping the rest. Each episode features a different person going on the dates.


3. Love Island

Yet another show about super hot people swapping partners and choosing the love of their life on an island. This was the one to kind of jump-start the island villa trope though, so props to them!


4. Bachelor In Paradise

Contestants from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are put together in a tropical paradise, combined with drinks and a side of love. By this point, we don’t really need a story or much else, margarita minglers do the job for you.


5. Back With The Ex

This Australian show puts ex flames back together, to see if they can give things another shot. Where there’s history, there’s bound to be drama, but can people get past the past?.

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6. Are You The One?

Around 20 single men and women try to find their perfect companion using a mathematical algorithm to quantify compatibility. The interesting thing is that all the contestants are sexually fluid, so anyone can match with anyone.


7. Temptation Island

4 couples who are at a crossroads in their relationship are sent to a tropical island. Here, 24 singles join them and present the titular (and titillating) temptation. The committed contestants must see if they give in or stay true to their relationships.


8. Bachelor Pad

Superfans of The Bachelor series join previous contestants and live together in a mansion. They compete to win a prize of 250,000 dollars, undertaking various tasks in order to win a date.


9. Finding Prince Charming

13 gay men live together and compete for the affections of a person described as America’s most eligible gay heartthrob. Eliminations are held every week until one lucky winner gets the prize and hopefully, everlasting love.

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10. Dating Naked

Contestants travel to an exotic location, wherein they take part in a number of dates, completely naked the whole time. The intent of the show is to ‘strip away’ preconceived notions in today’s day and age. 

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11. What The Love? With Karan Johar

Karan Johar grooms, guides, and generally helps a bunch of single peopl along the path to finding love. He’s accompanied by celebrity guests and a few other surprises along the way.


12. Skulls And Roses

The notorious Raghu and Rajiv host a bunch of couples on Skull Island. Here, relationships are put to the test as the contestants go through increasingly difficult challenges where they have to decide between trust, love and survival.  

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Hope this keeps you entertained for the time being!