There’s something inexplicably alluring about reality shows – you start off dismissing them, then you watch them as joke, and the next thing you know, you’re hooked on the lives of a bunch of strangers you seem to know better than your closest friends. Kaafi toxic relationship hai honestly, but damn entertaining. Since options are limited at this time, watch some of these shows and numb the pain of daily drudgery.

1. Love Is Blind

A bunch of good looking single people speak to each other from separate rooms, trying to see if they connect without actually seeing each other. In fact, they even have to propose without looking at their partners, in a means to determine if love goes deeper than physical attraction.

Reality Bit

2. Too Hot To Handle

A bunch of even better looking people hang out on a paradise island and try to find love. The host is a sassy virtual assistant named ‘Lana’, who is the best part of the show. The catch to this series is that the cast can’t engage in any sexual activity, the punishment for which is a deduction in prize money. 

TV Line

3. Back With The Ex

This Australian show puts ex flames back together, to see if they can give things another shot. Where there’s history, there’s bound to be drama, and that’s pretty much all we want at this time anyway. 


4. The Circle

Contestants in this show are isolated in their own apartments, and can only communicate with others through an app. They have to periodically rate their fellow contestants, with the top vote-getters winning a cash prize. However, people can choose to be whoever they want to be in the competition, including someone completely different to themselves.

Sunday Guardian Live

5. Dating Around

The format is simple – a single person goes on 5 dates with 5 different people. The person then decides who out of the five they will go on a 2nd date with, while dumping the rest. Each episode features a different dater.

Mens Health

6. What The Love? With Karan Johar

A bunch of single people are groomed, guided, and generally helped along the path to finding love by Karan Johar. He’s accompanied by celebrity guests and a few other surprises along the way.


7. Rhythm + Flow

Another reality show about finding musical talent, but instead of regular singing, this show aims to find the next hip hop superstar. Judges include Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and T.I – that’s a great mix of entertainment and talent. 

Real SImple


All the contestants in this Japanese reality dating show are hiding some dark secrets from each other, which are revealed as the show progresses. It’s hosted by a person they claim is a ‘reformed’ celebrity, so all in all there’s quite a few reasons to watch this.

9. Terrace House

This is another Japanese reality show, without any of the hangups of chasing drama. It involves a group of single people who stay together in a house. However, they can leave and return as they please, and they take their own sweet time to decide on love, friendship, and how to deal with problems in their lives.


10. Blown Away

With all this time on our hands, it’s good to diversify a little, which is why this reality show about glass blowing is on the list. 10 master glass blowers compete to create the most complex and skillful glass piece you’ll ever see. Just try it. 


Enjoy, and keep it ‘real’!