Our idea of ludicrous reality TV comes from the likes of Splitzvilla and Super Dude and Dare 2 Date. But we went and found the absolute bizarrest of bizarre reality shows. And yes, bizarre = sex on TV.

Here are 5 reality shows that were to nudity and sex what Kamaal R. Khan is to being obnoxious.

1. Sex Box (2016)

This brand new series features troubled couples that are asked to have sex in an actual ‘box’ on set and openly discuss and reflect on their experience with a panel of sex experts. Through this process, the panelists help the couple find a more spicy, more fulfilling partnership.

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2. Neighbours With Benefits (2015)

You guessed it. It’s a reality show about swinger couples in a suburban American community. However, the network cancelled the show after a mere two episodes were aired. We wonder why!


3.Dating Naked (2014)

The name’s pretty self-explanatory. This is a dating show where heterosexual singles are matched up and set up on a first date with all but one catch – they’ve gotta go butt-naked. With the couple’s privates blurred out, and considering they’re on a date, the show isn’t nearly as porn-like as the name suggests, but still pretty darn bizarre!


4. Gigolos (2011)

This reality series follows the lives of five male escorts in Las Vegas, USA. Apart from their daily lives and personal interactions, the cameras also follow them on their appointments with women, including their sexual activity.

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5. Totally Nude: Amateur Sex Championships (2009)

A game show TV movie about a group of girls moaning their way to victory. The premise is simple – f*ck till you drop. Set up with a variety of dirty games and challenges in the sun, this one’s certainly got a lot of ‘inside’ action! Yep, it’s for real.

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Whatever nonsense Indian reality TV has given us, at least it wasn’t the bizarro, sex-centric wtf-material that these are!