With season 4 of Little Things out, it’s pretty much impossible to ignore the adorable chemistry and relationship Dhruv and Kavya share. 


I mean, they’re the perfect balance of being besties and partners while also being so mature about everything. Dhruv and Kavya really are the perfect modern-day couple. So, we’ve got a list of reasons why the two are one of the most relatable couples on screen. Take a look. 

1. First of all, their love for food is cute AF.

Seeing these two head out in the middle of the night or on Sunday mornings to grab a bite is one of the best things about their relationship. 


2. How they have the tough conversations. 

The show doesn’t depict Dhruv and Kavya as some perfect couple who hardly ever fights, it shows them solving their problems by communicating healthily, no matter how difficult the problem is. 


3. When they cook for each other or together. 

It’s the late-night kitchen conversations for me. I mean quality time is often found in the most unexpected places!


4. They respect each other’s differences.

Dhruv and Kavya and are actually quite different from one another but they’ve never used that as a reason to prolong a fight or disagreement. In fact, they try to learn about each other’s differences in the most compassionate way. 


5. How they’ve grown throughout the course of their relationship. 

Little Things has depicted a long term relationship in the most authentic way possible. The way Dhruv and Kavya have grown while being with each other is phenomenal. From being 2 goofy kids sharing an apartment to being adults who’re now balancing their careers, personal goals and considering marriage, they’ve really come a long way.


6. The fact that they’ve somehow found themselves while being with each other. 

One other thing the series has shown authentically is how difficult (but also extremely rewarding) it is to figure out who you are independent of your relationship, even when you love your partner to death. Kavya and Dhruv adore each other, but they’re both trying to figure themselves out amidst a painful long-distance relationship and the trials that come with it. 


Praying we all find our Dhruvs and Kavyas.