There are high chances that you might have missed Amol Parashar starrer film Cash on Disney+ Hotstar.

A debut directorial venture of Rishabh Seth, Cash is the story of a young entrepreneur who tries his hand at business but fails repeatedly. In the aftermath of demonetisation, he plans to earn money for his new business by laundering ₹5 crore worth of banned notes before banks stop accepting old notes. A comedy on demonetisation, the movie doesn’t have a single dull moment.

Here are some good reasons why you should watch it.

1. Amol Parashar is playing the lead role for the first time and you will love him.

The IIT graduate quit a high-paying corporate job to pursue theatre. We’ve seen him as Ranbir Kapoor’s friend in Rocket Singh, as Shaheed Bhagat Singh in Sardar Udham and other supportive roles.

In Cash, he plays Armaan Gulati, the lead character, who thinks of earning money by laundering people’s black money in the aftermath of demonetisation. It won’t be wrong to say that Amol Parashar steals the show.

2. It’s a light-hearted comedy that you can watch with your family.

Unlike mainstream Bollywood, the film is a situational comedy that makes you laugh with its simple yet witty jokes. It introduces surprisingly good jokes throughout. There’s a scene where a man faints standing in the queue outside a bank and he mumbles something. What happens next subtly points at the reality without dramatising things.

Moreover, the movie never tries too hard to make its audience laugh, it just tickles your funny bone.

3. The film and the entire premise is super relatable.

The entire film is based on how almost everyone tried to convert their black money into white. We’ve all been there. We’ve all witnessed the horrors of demonetisation. And most of us still remember that era. Each and every situation feels super relatable so you won’t feel bored at any point in time, despite the absence of songs in the movie. Instead, it will make you go damn, this happened with me.

4. The supporting cast captivates you with their comic timing.

From Kavin Dave to Gulshan Grover and Swanand Kirkire, every actor in the film is brilliant in their respective roles. Kavin Dave, who was seen as Rakesh Jhunjhunwala in Scam 1992, plays the role of Armaan’s best friend Soda and needs a special mention. The senior most member of the cast, Gulshan Grover, also entertains like he does everytime.

5. The writing is a perfect satire and the film neither defends demonetisation nor condemns it.

The narrative is well-established by the writer. There are numerous twists and turns in a plot that seems impressive. It feels like every character or even all the jokes come full circle by the time the movie ends. It focuses on telling the story more than entertaining people and that’s the best part. Because it will entertain you a lot.

Cash is the perfect example of how a tragedy can be turned into a simple yet entertaining comedy.