Even though Indian television series are usually pretty problematic, there are a few that have successfully given their audiences thought-provoking content to munch on. One of the shows that has done this is Anupamaa


It’s not that the show doesn’t come with its share of flaws, but there are some parts of the show that have made it so popular in Indian households. So here’s a look at why you can also consider watching it. Read on. 

1. The way they’ve shown divorce

Anupamaa has portrayed divorce with a much more elevated perspective than we generally get to witness on television. The show has given a pretty realistic angle on how divorce impacts women who are a part of traditional family systems. How it impacts their self-esteem and mental health. Especially if infidelity is involved in the situation.

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2. The progress the main character AKA Anupamaa has made in the storyline 

The storyline has depicted immense growth for Anupamaa’s character. From showing her go through terrible panic attacks because of the toxic relationship she was in with her husband Vanraj to portraying her as a confident, independent and emotionally stable woman post the separation from him, her character has grown a lot. Not to mention, how they’ve shown her slowly find her passion for dance and make a career out of it. 


3. The way the show has depicted the couple post-divorce 

After Anupamaa and Vanraj separated, the TV soap has shown the two gradually move to calmer waters. But it hasn’t been portrayed in a way that has turned a blind eye to the natural resentment two people can often have towards each other after a break-up. Anupamaa has shown the couple break-up with a lot of hurt and even some behavioural toxicity between them, yet at the same time, grow from it individually. 


4. The adorable relationship they’ve shown between the mother-son duo

One of the biggest contributing factors to the lightness in the show is the relationship that Anupamaa shares with her son Samar. Samar is shown to be Anupamaa’s greatest cheerleader. He constantly supports and encourages her to go after her career and passions without feeling the guilt and obligation she feels towards the rest of the family. 


5. How her in-laws support her through the divorce, and even after it

While she was shown to have a troublesome relationship with her mother-in-law initially. As the story unravelled, and the whole family found out about how Vanraj cheated on Anupamaa with Kavya, her in-laws really stepped up and took accountability for the way their son treated Anupamaa. They slowly began to understand the unfair position she’s been placed in all along and even decided to give her partial ownership of their family house after the divorce. 


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