Ross Fleming Butler stole our hearts when he played Zach Dempsey in 13 Reasons Why, and Reggie Mantle in Riverdale, and we can’t help but agonise ourselves by stalking his social media again and again. Love hurts, it’s true. Ah.

Did you know that in an interview with Cosmopolitan, he said he waited to date till his mid-20s, because he wanted to be emotionally and career-wise set, to build a good foundation?

mr lonely

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Okay, it’s okay, it’s just a picture of Ross looking crisp AF, it’s okay.

Okay, we lied. We are not okay. Oh, lord.

Let’s just try to have some fun, shall we? #theouttakes

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Now now people, our love for Ross Butler goes way beyond his looks. 

He seems like a genuinely responsible actor who understands how stereotypes work in the film industry. Ross has apparently told his agents, “Don’t send me out just for Asian roles.” In his interview with Salon, he mentioned that he does not want to go for stereotypical roles pertaining to tech nerds or martial arts. His conscious and conscientious choice of roles and decision making has our thumbs up.

If you thought that’s all there is to Ross, then here is a video of Ross singing. Angel people, he has the voice of an angel. 

What would you give to be in this room for even a minute listening to Ross singing and striking all the chords that there are?

#NotDespacito #TocaTuesday

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And yes, I realize it’s Wednesday afternoon.

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What a view! Yeah, the mountains look noice, too.

#fbf #yosemite

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The calm and candidness of this picture is all we want and wish for.

This picture has everything that we need to ‘protecc’ – Greenery, Nature, and ROSS.

(On a serious note, people, today is also World Population Day, so let’s take a moment to think about limited resources of planet Earth and the ever-increasing population. Yes, we crush in an environment-friendly, and ethically responsible way. Wuddup, yo.)

And, now we come to the love-story that indeed triggered all these feelings. Hannah Baker and Zach Dempsey are the best thing that happened this year, perhaps may be next to Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie getting married. 


 Not at all jealous. Not at all. *sobs a little*

Our hearts probably skipped a beat at this very moment. 


Level of cuteness of Ross trying to stick a spoon to his nose is equivalent of two kitties booping two doggos.


Here’s Ross being Ross in his Instagram posts – genuine, effortlessly cute, and making us chuckle.

When Ross punctures toxic masculinity for the facade it is.

“Sometimes I like to be fancy and play with shiny objects. Like a cat.” There’s a thing about genuine celebs who are not afraid to be themselves, and are also vocal about things they believe in, they are irresistibly desirable, and the reasons go beyond mere surficial looks.

Here’s to celebrating Ross Butler. Woot Woot.

Okay, one more.

Just trying to be a warlock like @harryshumjr

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Cool, now. Going to my room now, to cry my eyes out, and fantasise about impossible scenarios in my head. Bye.

Images taken from Ross Butler’s Instagram.