Game Of Thrones isn’t about the ‘nice’ people. There are grey characters, evil characters and then there was Ramsay Bolton. When he died got fed by Sansa Stark to his own dogs in the last episode, Battle Of The Bastards, we rejoiced. We hi-fived everyone we were watching the episode with. We applauded his horribly gory fate. And then, that was that. Ramsay Bolton, a bastard who fought, plotted and killed to become Warden Of Winterfell, was no more. 

We immediately realised that though we wanted to see him die all this while, now that he was dead, we’d actually miss him.

Here’s what made the bastard one of the most intense characters on Game Of Thrones:

1. Game Of Thrones is a show that thrives on characters everyone loves to despise. Everyone agreed Ramsay Bolton was GoT’s most hated character. Without him, there’s nobody people feel so strongly for.


2. His chaotic plans are the reasons behind some of the major plot lines in the series. Without him the show just won’t be the same.

3. Ramsay Bolton shaped a number of characters and changed their stories. Sansa Stark, Theon Greyjoy, Jon Snow – they became the people they are because Ramsay was such an asshole.


4. Ramsay was dreaded. Jon Snow fought White Walkers but facing Ramsay and his army made him think twice. The Battle Of The Bastards was epic. We would’ve loved to watch Ramsay take on Daenarys and her dragons.


5. Ramsay brought the North under his control, got a number of houses to rally to his banner, killed his own father when he got in his way. There’s no two ways about it, the GoT universe has lost one its most ambitious characters. 

7. There was probably more to Ramsay Bolton than his cold, evil exterior. Remember that faint glimmer of sadness in his eyes when Myranda fell to her death… just before he asked his men to feed her body to his hounds? Now we’ll never know.


8. Ramsay is (or was) un-fucking-predictable. No matter what the scenario, you never really knew what was going on inside that man’s head. And that was the beauty of it.


Goodbye Ramsay Bolton, you bastard. We’ll always hate you, and we won’t be saying this again: We’ll miss you.