Warning: Spoilers

If you’ve recently completed Mare of Easttown, you’re probably reeling from the shock of experiencing such a deeply emotive show (as well as that absolutely devastating ending). And if you haven’t watched it yet – you’re in luck, because you can stream the whole series at one go instead of waiting a whole excruciating week for the next episode. Anyway, here’s a bunch of other reasons to watch the show.

1. Kate Winslet’s phenomenal acting chops, including that accent.

We already knew Kate Winslet was talented, but her character was so well constructed in this show – from the stoic pain of losing a child to the niche, small-town accent she pulled off with ease – she’s just a pleasure to watch. 

2. But also Julianne Nicholson’s performance as Lori. She’s truly an underrated gem.

Mare’s best friend Lori, played by Julianne Nicholson, was a surprise discovery, and her entire character arc was supported by a standout performance where the viewer truly feels their own heart wrenched out. 

3. Evan Peters, whose natural charisma shines through despite his role as a loveable but inexperienced cop.

From the cocky Quicksilver in X-Men, to a double-role in WandaVision, and finally this – it’s safe to say Evan Peters has effortlessly wooed us all.

4. Jean Smart as Mare’s mom is a hilarious character who offsets the otherwise grim realities of depressing ol’ Easttown.

She’s a brazen, boozy, and wholly endearing character who takes the edge off a series that is otherwise chalk full of turmoil. 

5. Mare’s daughter Siobhan being an absolute badass, confronting her mom when it’s necessary, and also rocking out with her band.

Yeah, that’s actually her singing!

6. The mature relationship that exes Mare and Frank share, despite him getting remarried.

Most TV shows reinforce the idea that you can never make things work with an ex, but Frank and Mare take care of their children together despite living totally different lives. It’s a breath of fresh air.

7. All the various twists, turns, sub-plots and red-herrings that keep you on your toes. 

From wondering if Richard is going to be involved to the multiple sightings of hooded neighbours, you’re never sure of what to blame and for what. But none of it feels, forced, and all of it feels highly interesting.

In essence, Mare of Easttown is a powerful show that balances the sentiments of a thriller with the slow burn of grief and the knowledge of a police procedural drama – all held together with an army of riveting female leads . So is it worth watching? Absolutely.