Sid from Wake Up Sid has become the poster boy for lost teens. But let’s be honest, him being lost was not ‘cute’, it was problematic. His childish behaviour was a red flag, and sadly, it was glorified. 

Here are 5 red flags that prove Sid’s ‘wake up’ call in the end can’t justify his toxic behaviour:

1. This guy aka child is so careless with his parent’s money. It’s not even yours! You have no contribution. 

2. Not only are you rich and lack ambition but are also arrogant about it? He stinks of privilege. This dialogue, eeks. 

3. He is a terrible roommate. That’s a red flag, that’s always a red flag. 

4. He is passive aggressively rude to his mother because she obviously feels alienated by him. When she says she wants to learn English for him, he never once offers to teach her, instead shuts her down completely. 

5. He is so rude to Rishi for simply passing an exam he failed, because of his own disregard for his education. This boy lives off deflecting his emotions. 

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Sid was not wayward, he was toxic. His change was driven by the need to prove himself to Aisha and get the girl.