Bhuvan from Lagaan, the Oscar nominated film, was a hero to many. But if we’re being honest, this man was flawed AF. He was stuck in a love triangle of his own making that could have been easily avoided, and he had a saviour complex that formed the pretext of this film. 

Here are 5 red flags that prove Bhuvan wasn’t all that:

1. I understand that he is a leader, but he doesn’t he have a bit of a saviour complex. Or is that just because he’s played by Aamir Khan?

2. He basically began a fight he wasn’t ready to finish with the British. And if it didn’t end well, he would have been in big trouble. 


3. He encouraged the advances of Elizabeth, because well, she was gorgeous. Conveniently forgetting that he has someone already.


4. Radha Kaise Na Jale is such a frustrating song because you realise that Bhuvan is gaslighting Gauri into believing that it’s all in her head. Not to mention that he is a massive flirt, which isn’t ‘quirky’, it’s toxic. 

5. This man legit leaves Radha behind and walks over to Elizabeth to listen to her confess her love for him. And then comes back bewildered as to why she felt bad. Excuse me? He was a fuckboi before fuckbois were a thing. 

The next time you watch this almost-four-hours-long film, keep an eye out for his horrible personality.