Bollywood is the land of controversies. But the Bollywood fans are no less. 

Many share controversial or polarising opinions on these Bollywood stars and their films, brewing a heated discussion. 

Similarly, we happened to come across a Reddit thread where people have dumped their unpopular opinions which are blunt enough to piss anyone off. 

Note: These responses are picked up from a Reddit thread and does not include our personal opinions. 

1. “Deepika has terrible dialogue delivery.” 


2. “Shah Rukh Khan has passed his prime and his recent movies are awful.” 

3. “Shahid in Kabir Singh was mediocre.” 

4. “Dil Chahta Hai was an average and overrated movie.” 


5. “Arjun kapoor – He got so many opportunities to prove himself but failed miserably, to be honest he got many different roles in the short period but all went into vain.” 

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6. “Bombay Velvet was A GREAT FILM.” 


7. “ZNMD is better than DCH”

8. “Housefull movies are good except 4.” 

9. “Bhoot was actually quite scary.” 


10. “For the love of God please stop this iifa and Filmfare like do not continue put a stop to all of it literally like I feel people have moved on like I think the only people who watch it are the people from journalism who want to write clickbait articles and nothing more.” 


11. “Kay Kay Menon is extremely overrated.” 

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12. “Outsiders or insiders don’t matter as long as we enjoy their movies .. they look good and act well.” 


13. “Ranbir Kapoor is the best actor in current lot. He is versatile too.” 

14. “Nepotism debate is overhyped and Karan gets too much flak for it. Most children of stars want to enter the industry on their own and Karan only selects the ones he thinks are the most marketable. If he was simply chasing after nepo kids, there are lots he missed.” 


15. “It’s high time Salman SRK Amir Akki start playing characters suited to their age. Rather than playing young dude dating girls younger than their daughters. Bahut sare lead role ke lie stories hain jinme apko flamboyant young chokra nahi dikhna. Akki is the only one who has done this a lot. Padman, Good Newws. Etc. Amir has done Dangal. Baki sab abhi bhi hero wali image mein hi atke hai. Damdar heroine wale roles abhi bhi bahut kam hain.”


16. “Bollywood audiences deserve trash actors like Arjun Kapoor, Jhanvi Kapoor, Ananya Pandey, Tiger Shroff etc. We give them the attention they want making their movies more marketable”


17. “Vidya Balan is annoying or plays annoying characters.”

18. “Bhumi pedkar is a nepo kid (her father was the home minister of Maharashtra)”

19. “Varun dhawan – Same old thrash and copying govinda.”
– Apxm

20. “Salmon boy still has super stardom?”

21. “Arjun Kapoor was good in Sandeep aur Pinky.”


22. “Urvashi Rautela – No words. Just thrash acting.”
– Apxm


23. “Parineeti Chopra– Over acting is not considered good acting.”
– Apxm

24. “Naseeruddin shah doesn’t have range. He only acts one way. Pankaj kapoor is far better actor than naseeruddin shah.”

25. “Tapsee Pannu and Swara Bhaskar are only relevant because of their political views, these 2 aren’t worth shit If it wasn’t for their political twitter posts.” 


How many of the above opinions do you agree with? Let us know in the comments below!