Even though we've seen a lot of growth in terms of the kind of films that are coming along in Bollywood, we do have to admit that there isn't much variety in the film genres being presented to us at the moment. 

And this Redditor seems to think the same. A Reddit user by the name of u/MaarwadiChhoro posted saying that there are legit only 3 Bollywood movie genres that are currently doing the rounds and how repetitive they've really become! 

Source: reddit

Of course, there were plenty of opinions people had about this post! Take a look for yourself. 

1. "They can’t make anything for young adolescents because the 50-year-olds (Khans, Akshay, Ajay, Anil, Sanjay) wouldn’t be able to be the star."

- Jy_sunny

2. "They do college movies and then put these unrelatable 40-50-year-old actors in it with character traits and body standards not a lot of young people can relate to."

- airaK_666

3. "Everything in Bollywood is so formulaic with no creativity whatsoever. I mean I watched Dune recently I was kinda blown away by the level of filmmaking. In that, every shot looked so cinematic, creative and beautiful. I wish we will get that kind of filmmaking here."

- Successful_Gate84

4. "A half-assed comedy about a social/taboo issue masquerading as a rom-com. Ayushmann Khurrana has entered the chat."

- FreemanBlackMesa

5. "BIOPICS. How did you leave out BIOPICS."

- Jy_sunny

6. "Or family-friendly movies that focus more on the children than the adults. I really liked We Are Family, and there are movies like Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic that have child roles but eventually focus more on the main adult actors. Maybe something like Taare Zameen Par that remembers that kids also have lives and struggles?"

- vita25

7. "I believe it's the ego of these manchilds who think they can still be college students romancing FLs in their 20s. like I mentioned Japanese or Korean actors are managed by agencies and for the Japanese, most movies are manga adaptations for which they need a specific demographic. The same goes for Korean. While in India we have these oldies friends with the production team and getting themselves the lead roles with replaceable FLs. Even in Hollywood, the casting is no joke, of course, seasoned actors have it easy but not the cakewalk we get in Bollywood, I also think Bollywood does not care about the demographic, they know as long as kuch masala rahega theatre me picture chalegi."

- IcallhimDaddyy

8. "You know what surprises me? With all the money Indian cinema has, trying to cross "most expensive movie ever made," the movies still suck. They really should make a Mahabharata or Ramayana movie in The Lord Of The Rings style."

- The_lost_Code

9. "India's most popular TV show is Ramayana. Indian Audiences always appreciate well-made fantasy movies. Bahubali, Magadheera, RRR will make bank as well. A well made high budgeted Ramayana without any stupidity can make 1000cr in India itself. Lekin research karke koi movie nahi banana chahta. Sabko Bahubali jaise paise kamane hain lekin Rajamouli jaise 5-6 saal mehnat nahi karni."

- NaRaGaMo

10. "There are gems like Jagga Jasoos, Tumbbad, Kahani or The Blue Umbrella that come along once in a while. But they get a sound drubbing at the box office, and that’s the end of that. Producers sell what audiences want. And this is most of what we’ll get until a larger segment of the people mature to appreciate non-stereotypical cinema."

- IleanaKaGaram_Peshab

11. "How cool would it be to have our own Indian superhero movie series? And I’m not talking about the Rajnikanth type but like Marvel and DC. We don’t have superhero comics though, do we? Maybe they could make a movie on Chacha Chaudhary. 😂 Random ramblings."

- Youre_busted

12. "Agreed, but sometimes we get gems like Monsoon Shootout, Stree, Wazir, OMG."

- DataAnalyst1994

'Tis true, we need more!