The thing with attraction is that it differs from person to person. Not everyone finds the same things attractive. Which is why this Reddit thread where people have discussed common attractive traits that don’t quite do it for them is so relatable!

So, here. Take a look at all the things people have shared:

1. “Brand clothing/accessories etc. It’s not a turn off, but it certainly doesn’t impress me to any extent more than a high street bargain. If you brag about your £300 jacket though…I’m out and closed for business.”


2. “People who are TOO adventurous. Their dating profile is only pictures of sky diving and mountain climbing. They’ve been to 60 countries. They run marathons. I simply can’t keep up with that. I’m turned off by the idea of waking up at 6am and putting on a scuba suit.”


3. “Very muscular men. It’s hot when they look fit and healthy but after a certain point it looks ridiculous and unnatural.”


4. “Long nails, not like slightly long no, the impractically long nails, that and lip filler.”


5. “Being obsessed with hustle culture.”


6. “Being the center of everyone’s attention, seems tiring and insane to me.”


7. “That ‘Kardashian’/Instagram influencer look. Big puffy lips, drawn-on eyebrows (‘on fleek’ or whatever the cool people called it a few years ago), ridiculous amounts of makeup and fake tan, and designer outfits.”


8. “Straightening your hair. By no means do I look down on it, but there is just something absolutely enchanting about hair that is a little messy. All of my past girlfriends, at one point or another, straightened their hair and I always preferred it when they didn’t. I adore that natural, slightly messy look.”


9. “Sharp cheekbones, Angelina Jolie style.”


10. “Perfectly straight, bright white teeth.”


11. “A square jaw.”


12. “Super unrealistic, tiny noses.”


13. “Too-tight clothing. I don’t care how form-fitting it may be…If you look uncomfortable, I feel uncomfortable.”


14. “For me it’s how people with blonde hair and blue eyes are put on a pedestal. Lowkey, brunettes are just a million times more attractive.”


15. “Just trying too hard in general. If every little detail of your look is perfect you’re missing something.”


We don’t all find the same things attractive, just FYI.