What movie are you looking forward to? Was it Dunkirk? Ghost in the Shell? Or Spider-Man: Homecoming? Or is it not out yet and do you still live in that beautiful land we all reside in just before they’re released? You know the one. The land where the movie is everything you hoped and dreamt it would be, and maybe, just maybe, it’s so much more. Most movie lovers have been there.

Which is why it’s a bloody tragedy when it’s just a shell of what was promised. A disappointment. Something like the movies Redditors shared here. And yes, we get it. As a wise man once might have said, “One person’s disappointment is another’s Oscar winner.”

Some of these films may be not be bad per se. It’s just that they promised so much more. So, enough with the waffle, here we go.


Nothing short of tragic.

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