We may love dissing Bollywood at every chance we get, but there are a number of reasons why we fall in love with it every single time. From its romantic melodrama to its larger-than-life song sequences, there is something magical about Bollywood that makes it stand out from the crowd.

We found a Reddit thread in which people mentioned the reasons why Bollywood is better than other movie industries.

1. “Our music. It’s questionable these days, but for the most part, it’s what has set us apart.”

Desi Martini

2. “I personally enjoy Bollywood dramas and rom-coms more than other industries.”

“Agreed. I think we stopped making them because of continuous audience criticism.”


“Nothing comes close YJHD.”


“and also Om Shanti Om.”


Outlook India

3. “Bollywood used to be amazing at family-friendly comedy.”

“Yeah but “family-friendly” genre is exclusive to India only.”


“I mean PG & G rated movies exist outside of India as well. It doesn’t mean they are movies for kids though. Clean comedy is done outside of India but it doesn’t hit the same way.”


Daily Times

4. “I think it’s easier to follow your favorite actors, directors, etc. in Bollywood. In the US, your favorite actor can release a movie once every 3 years or something. But your favorite Bollywood actor can have 3 big releases per year and it’s totally normal.”

India Today

5. “People in Bollywood and the general audience can take a joke. That’s honestly a great quality as it allows for the creations of films like Luck By Chance and Om Shanti Om. I don’t find this case in other industries as people would literally hound you to death if you say anything bad about their movies. For example, on any video regarding funny South Indian action scenes, the comment section will be filled with people just defending their industry and trash-talking about Radhe. Bollywood is great in that sense that you can trash talk it, make fun of it, and just point out the stupidity and people/filmmakers will be accepting of it.”


6. “Movies questioning religion.”


7. “Integrating religious music in commercial films.”


8. “Original music score for almost every movie. Though this has been decreasing now.”


9. “Drama and romance.”


10. “Bollywood films tend to have a lot more genre diversity in a single film.”


11. “Bollywood films have a better emotional core.”

The Cinemaholic

12. “There’s like 3 English rom-coms that I have enjoyed. In Bollywood, there’s like 3 I haven’t.”

Wallpaper House

13. “Songs and weirdness. Funnier than other industries.”


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