In India, two things influence us the most:  Maa & Cinema. Whenever we notice something amazing on the silver screen, we kind of wish if it happened to us!Here’s a list of few things that happened in Indian cinema that we wish happened to us. Talk about reel getting real!

1. An unplanned spontaneous road trip with your BFFs.

2. Go out of your way to get two people madly in love, together.

3. A chance to fall in love with a super sexy scuba diving trainer!

4. Penning down your thoughts over a flight, peacefullyatnight. Just thethrill of writing at 40,000 ft.

5. Lying under the open sky with someone special & endlessly gazing at the stars.

6. A sudden mood to jump off a cliff which will give you an instant adrenaline rush!

7. Sky diving withfriends you can’t ever do without!


8. A solitary bike trip to Ladakh for some self-exploration.


9. Taking up atrekking tour with a bunch of people you don’t know yet!

10. Break into a singing & dancing session with a flash mob with synchronized lip sync & choreography.

11. To have the guts to act like this in front of your external examiner!

12. And trespass a big, fat Indian wedding for some real good food!


13. To be the only bride who dares to come on a ‘ghodi’ at her own wedding.


14. Experience the culture of places where you have never been before!


15. Picking up your phone & screaming out to the guy who was a total jerk to you!

16. Starting up your own business venture & making loads of money with your sheer hard work.

17. To acquirea flawless physique& be every girl’s eye candy & every guy’s man crush!


18. To understand the root cause of all problems that haunt our villages & work towards finding a solution for it.


19. Performing stunts like these withoutgettinga single scratch!


20. To owna ‘wonder’ car like this!


H/t Quora