During these distressing times all one wants to do is shut off from the chaos. Watching movies is pretty much the best escape for that. So, here are some regional romantic comedies that will make you feel slightly better during these hard times : 

1. OK Kanmani – Malayalam   

This Dulquer Salmaan movie is all about a young couple who earlier thought that marriage is futile until they witnessed the unconditional love of an older couple they live with.               

2. Pelli Choopulu – Telugu     

Vijay leads a carefree life. So, to make him learn a lesson his father gets him married to an ambitious woman. The story unravels how Vijay falls in love and his life changes for the better.      

3. Bangalore days – Malayalam    

Divya, Kuttan and Arjun who are cousins, fulfil their childhood dream of shifting to the city of Bangalore. As they embrace the newness, they also face several challenges along the way. 

4. Maara – Tamil 

When Paaru sees a fairy tale she had heard as a child painted across the walls of a coastal town, she sets on a journey to find the man who painted it. The story is all about that journey and her finding love.    

5. Dharala Prabhu – Tamil 

This is the Tamil remake of Bollywood superhit Vicky Donor. In the movie, a doctor forces a young man to become a sperm donor to get some extra bucks but that brings in some trouble in his own love life.        

8. Love Mocktail – Kannada 

Adi rescues a woman and tells her about all the heartbreaks he has gone through. The movie makes you forget your troubles and gives you a light-hearted picture of how love should be.       

9.  Mungaru Male – Kannada 

Preetham falls for Nandini. However, when he comes to know that she is engaged, he backs out. But Nandini challenges him to win her heart. This story is about all those obstacles Preetham had to undertake to have Nandini in his life.     

10. Ye Maaya Chesave – Telugu 

A love story of an aspiring filmmaker who falls for a girl who is one year older than him. But the families are not okay with it and how these two lovers overcome all of that is what makes the story worthwhile.     

11. Premam – Malayalam  

George’s first love turns out to be a disappointment so he thought he’ll never fall in love again. But he meets Malar and finds love in her companionship. This story is all about that falling in love.    

12. Bela Seshe – Bengali 

After 49 years of marriage, a man asks for a divorce from his wife. However, the story revolves around several other couples falling in love and finding the meaning of it. It’s a sweet and simple story.  


13. Dia – Kannada  

A college junior falls in love with her college senior. However, her introverted nature puts her relationship in trouble and she tries to make it better after things go south. 

14. Raja Rani – Tamil   

A movie that talks about falling in love even after there have been several instances of failing at it. The film stars Arya, Jai, Nazriya Nazim and Nayantara.    

15. Asha Jaoar Majhe – Bengali   

Without the lead actors uttering a word, the movie narrates the love story of a young couple. They beautifully describe their feelings and emotions through this movie.      

16. Coffee Ani Barach Kahi – Marathi

Even though Jaai’s father wants her to marry someone else, she is already in love with Nishad, her manager. They both start meeting regularly at a coffee shop but due to their stubborn nature they aren’t able to confess their love to each other. 

Start binging now.