At some point or the other, every feminist icon has voiced the importance of being independent, whether that’s financially, emotionally or mentally. 

Take Rekha for example, she’s always spoken about how integral it is for women to find fulfilment outside of romantic partners. 


Even in this interview with Simi Garewal from 1985, the actor spoke about how having a career and a love life are two different things, and one doesn’t have to interfere with the other. 


In it, Rekha also talks about how women can choose the lifestyle that best suits them. It is never about having this or that, a marriage or a career, it can be both or one, whichever makes you the happiest. And one of the best things she says here is how important it is to be independent. 

I think it’s very important for a woman to be independent. When I say independent, it goes financially independent and emotionally independent. Emotional independence, not so much as financial independence because it’s nice to make your man feel that you’re emotionally dependent on him. But financial independence is very, very essential.

-Rekha told Simi Garewal


You can watch the entire interview here. And clearly, Rekha is an evergreen icon for women everywhere!