Rekha is easily one of the most talented superstars of Bollywood, whose grace, poise, and of course, acting skills, have impressed generations. 


However, she is also a woman who has constantly broken the flawed stereotypes that patriarchy loves to bind women in. 

And nothing proves that better than her response to questions about marriage and kids, during her appearance on Rendezvous with Simi Garewal. 

Rekha, whose husband passed away soon after their marriage, has never remarried. But during their interview, Simi took to discussing re-marriage with Rekha.  

However, Rekha’s idea of marriage was not only different from the way the world perceived it, but also not one that Simi could easily digest. Though that was definitely not a problem for Rekha.

Exactly like a patriarchal society, Simi moves from marriage to having children. Rekha, however, is clear that children alone, do not make a mother. 

In fact, Rekha goes on to talk about her love for animals, her pets, and how they are exactly like children for her. At a time when society could not see any role for a woman over 30, than that of a wife and mother, Rekha made it clear that she was a woman after her own heart. 

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You can watch the entire segment here.

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