Josh Herdman, who’s best known for playing Gregory Goyle in the Harry Potter films will make his debut as an MMA fighter on Brad Pickett’s Rise of Champions show on Saturday. 

In the Harry Potter films , Herdman played a dimwit bully who was a sidekick of Draco Malfoy. 

This is what he looked like then: 

b’Josh Herdman as Gregory Goyle | Source: @HarryPotterFilms’

Herdman announced the news of his debut fight last month on Twitter: 


“I don’t see it so much as a career change, I am passionate about both acting and fighting,” he said in an interview to the Addicted MMA website. 

He has spent the last five years training himself in traditional Japanese jujitsu. Incidentally, he comes from a family of boxers. 

Herdman said his elder brother Jake is an ex-Royal Marine had won the force’s heavyweight division title, while another sibling, Luke, recently fought in the Queensbury Boxing League. 

b’A present look of Josh Herdman | Source: Twitter’

The 28-year-old, admitted that he still wants to be an actor.

 “I haven’t fallen out of love with it. I still have an agent and still go for auditions. It’s just a little bit like playing the lottery for a living,” he said in the interview. 

Let’s see how his fighting career plays out in the muggle world.