Bollywood gets a lot of things right, but sports is not one of them. Of course, we have Chak De! India and Dangal, but we also have major misses that we just can’t forget. 

For example, this blatantly bullshit game that Karisma Kapoor is playing in Haseena Maan Jaayegi, as a problematic Govinda chases her, while faking blindness, in order to eve-tease her. Distasteful. 


Karisma is seen playing basketball, with a football. On a golf course, dressed in yoga pants and her teammates are seen wearing tennis skirts. WTF. 

They don’t get a single thing right. Like they didn’t even bother to look up which specific sport they were going for. It’s almost like the filmmaker went, “Sab kuch daal do. She’s an all rounder.” This film from 1999 is a a fine example of how badly researched scenes can come back to bite you.