All of us know how Kalki has religiously fought for women rights, and has expressed her opinion on women’s issues time and again. Even Melinda Gates appreciated her efforts and applauded her for the powerful video poem, The Printing Machine, with a beautiful letter.

Recently, Kalki visited Jaipur for the first event of the FICCI Ladies Organisation. She recited her famous monologue,The Truth Of Womanhood,at the event.The poemtalks about how patriarchy has pruned the wings of many women, girls, and young kids alike with their misplaced sense of authority.


The event was a success, but the Q&A round which followed it invited some sexist questions, with men asking things that reaffirmed the disparity between a man and a woman that Kalki was highlighting in her monologue. 

A journo asked Kalki a question he should really have thought about before asking.

He questioned,“Why are you against men? And, has this anger increased after you got divorced?”

Kalki, who is not one to mince words, boldly, yet politely, shut him up with her reply.

She said, “I am not a man-hater. If you think Feminism is about hating men, you need to Google your facts.”


This isn’t all. She was asked this question by another reporter,

“Kalki, aren’t you ashamed of using words that are not acceptable in our society?” And she curtly replied,“Do you mean words like FUCK?”

Now that’s a burn.


Dear ignorant journalists, you really need to get the definition of ‘Feminism’ right. I suggest you to try Google. It’s pretty helpful, you know? And Kalki, you do you!

H/T: JaipurWomenBlog