People who are forever fuming about the reservation system: What are you doing to end casteism? And please don’t retort by saying that “I am not casteist” cos the world does not run around you. And please understand that this is not a conversation about rich versus poor; this is about life.

Only a deluded human would be ignorant enough to suggest that crimes against people from lower castes do not exist. If you belong to this ‘casteism does not exist anymore’ tribe, I’d highly recommend one random google search. And if you’re laid-back enough to not utilize your phone for informational purposes, here’s an old viral tweet from Anti-Caste Activist, Sankul Sonawane, to rectify the misled narrative.

Back in my UG days (not long ago), there was a narrative that students from SC & STs ‘steal’ the seats of General students. Once, one fanatic student even aggressively detailed the unfair nature of the education system. (On a side note: that person also came from Sports quota) But the truth is that reservation came into the picture because we had a ‘rich’ track record of being unjust and discriminatory on the basis of caste. (And we still do.)

The reservation system came into the being because a section of our population was being denied a basic fundamental right to education because of primitive and suffocating notions on purity and impurity that had gripped the delusional upper-caste people.

And it’s callous to think that such absurd notions do not have a grip on a faction of the Indian population today. Let’s talk about the most recent news of 2022. Just three weeks ago, gut-wrenching news of the horrific murder and rape of two Dalit sisters came out from Uttar Pradesh’s Lakhimpur Kheri district. That very week, in another incident of caste-based violence, a Dalit man was badly beaten up for drinking water from a pot apparently reserved for upper castes people in Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer district. And these are just two incidents from a span of one week that were actually reported.

Or drinking water from UC’s well, or just walking in front of a UC, or merely existing in the same world where a UC does…

Reminder: Getting into college does not mean you will pass the college curriculum. That depends on an individual’s merit. Even if a below-average student gets admitted to IIT Delhi, they will not succeed without hardwork. (And this is just for example)

Some more facts.

By now, I hope you realise that casteism is not a conversation about rich versus poor.

So my friend: if you think you’re not casteist by being against reservation, read the twitter thread AGAIN. Process what is stands for.

I’ll rest my case here!