In the entertainment industry, several behind-the-scenes stories often remain concealed in secrecy. However, individuals who have closely worked on the sets of various shows and movies lifted these curtains on Reddit and unveiled the tales of juicy drama.

A bunch of people who have worked on the sets of films and series, spilled the beans about everything – yes, everything! So, grab that bucket of popcorn and check these out down below.


1. “Ranbir Kapoor’s vanity doesn’t have white color because of Vaastu. Anil Kapoor’s vanity is designed by his wife, as per Vaastu, and his vanity will travel for about thousand kilometers but that’ll be the only one going with him.” –EggBenedictorian

2. “Being a part of the industry takes a toll on your mental and physical health, and family and personal relationships. Things go flying within a span of seconds and I have had the worst experiences too. It is absolutely about the right team otherwise your mental and physical health is fucked left, right and center. Working internationally for a series with the wrong set of people and mindset made me have a really bad breakdown. Specifically being a production person is the toughest. In the industry, it’s called a thankless job because whenever something petty happens – like a fan not working – is blamed right onto production without a thought.” –billiraanii


3. “There’s no concept of work-life balance in the entertainment industry. You will have to continuously give updates on different groups, calls and meetings till late at night. There are scheduling of multiple interviews with celebrities, which keeps getting re-scheduled most of the time. I remember that the production house called the teammates around 1 AM and immediately asked them to come to the office, citing an emergency.” –Dilliwaligirlfriend


4. “I have worked in Red Chilies Visual Effects and the work-life balance can take a toll on you, if you are not prepared. During my time, I have worked on Jab Harry Met Sejal, Phillauri and Raees. Both Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma respected all aspects of the film crew and I was surprised that they enjoyed talking with us. She also used to visit us regularly and we had quite a good laugh.” –MellowAmoeba

5. “Salman Khan is really easy to work with, considering his stardom. The man is extremely professional, means business and delivers. I remember, during the season’s premiere, he didn’t take one single loo break between 4 in the evening to 1 in the night – NOT ONE! Same with the finale episode, he started at 3:30 and he was there until he announced the winner.” –lorenzovandelay

6. “My friend worked on a famous filmmaker’s new Netflix show. They said that the filmmaker threw a chair at them and they left the production because of the insanely abusive environment. Side note, when they tried to leave, the makers literally refused to accept the resignation. Apparently, the abusive filmmaker doesn’t like it when people leave the production. Why would anyone want to work in such an industry?” –Embarrassingskin1


7. “I was a newbie editor when I met Hrithik Roshan and I can never forget that experience. I was star-struck as he just came into my room. I was just doing the lineup of the Bang Bang title song with Bosco. I couldn’t move and I goofed up. He got pissed and left the room. After some time,  he saw me alone outside the studio and he came up to me and gave me a pep talk on life and confidence.” –Zealousideal-Eye7788

8. “My very close college friend works as a luxury jeweler for films. He said that these celebrities live in an alternate universe and are very disconnected from anything normal. One star kid said she wanted to feel nothing and something at the same time, and my friend said that moment stuck with him because it just seemed really sad.” –sheerni

9. “The only reason why I won’t ever work in the film industry is the way you are treated. I was an intern at a reality show. I remember being so traumatized after that show that I decided to not pursue the film industry anymore. There are no days off until the production says so. This industry is only for people who are smart and can find their way through. The meetings go on for the entire day. You have your lunch in the meeting too.” –Sweet_Temporary_8489


10. “A very close friend of mine used to work in the production team for Bigg Boss and she was in the costume department. One day, when they were shooting a weekend episode with Salman Khan, he got pissed about how hot it was and the AC wasn’t working properly. Then, he ripped his shirt apart, in the middle of the shoot.” –Zestyclose-Mess-204

11. “I had a friend who was a backup dancer on Dola Re. She said that Madhuri Dixit was very down-to-earth and very sweet to everyone. Also, she loved dancing to the extent that she used to practice her steps even with the backup dancers. Aishwarya Rai, on the other hand, was very reserved and didn’t talk to anyone unnecessarily.” –guilty_pleasure_2

12. “My hairdresser worked with a lot of models and actresses when they came to Delhi for shows. Richa Chaddha and Taapsee Pannu were his regular clients. I asked him how their hair looked in real life and he said ‘just like yours’. I had a bad sort of fried hair from all the coloring and heat styling tools at that time. He said they all need regular blowouts to make their hair look all smooth and healthy.” –MelodicP

13. “Kareena Kapoor always wants her suite to be no more than 10-20 steps away from the nearest elevator. I was in Dubai a few years ago and I was supposed to meet her. She came through a side entrance instead of the main lobby, checked in and found out that her suite was at the end of the hallway and nowhere near an elevator. She insisted that the hotel where she was staying give her a suite with an elevator right next door. Her team had a look on their face that embodied the phrase, “FFS, not this shit again.”  –Lanky_Replacement375

14. “Before the release of RaOne, my friends’ company organized an event. On the day of the event, everyone associated with the movie came including Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Arjun Rampal and the kid. After the event was over, all the actors left without saying goodbye or thank you to the team who organized the event. Shah Rukh Khan was the only one who came and shook every person’s hand on the team and thanked them. The biggest star was the humblest.” –LouboutinGirl

15. “I have heard from my relative, who works in Viacom18 Network, that Akshay Kumar is the most chill superstar they have ever met. He even jokes with the staff like a friend.” –Opposite-Oven-8211

16. “Shraddha Kapoor is an absolute sweetheart from what I experienced. She walked into the office where I worked, made eye contact with me, waved at me on her own and even passed a smile. It took me a minute to realize that she was really waving at me. I waved back and honestly, that was so sweet! And then, she carried on with the meeting that she was there for. But, she genuinely seems like a warm person.” –Embarrassed-West1594

Now that’s what we call fun revelations!