Ram Gopal Varma has taken it upon himself to be the new agony aunt (or uncle, in this case) for film stars. Just a few days ago, he tried decoding the ‘Rajinikanth phenomenon’ by pointing out the star’s flaws to his fans. This was obviously not taken in good spirit so RGV later clarified his stance, stating that he was only praising the actor. This time, he decided to advice Shah Rukh Khan on maintaining his stardom and how he should be himself, just like Salman. 

Fun fact: His advice on ‘being yourself’ is ‘be like this other guy who’s being himself’. Classic RGV!

He went ahead and compared SRK to Kamal Haasan and Salman to Rajinikanth. It seems like RGV has questioned SRK’s decision of choosing a film like Fan, where he is seen playing a character and not just a star. SRK’s next with Aanand L. Rai will reportedly see him playing a dwarf character.

Read his tweets below:

RGV has too much to say. 140 characters are way too less!