The teaser for Akshaye Khanna and Richa Chada starrer Section 375 has released and it appears to be an intense drama around the sensitive issue of ‘rape narrative’. 

The teaser begins by citing various facts about rape in India and ends with a glimpse of Richa and Akshaye battling it out as opposing lawyers in a courtroom. 

We’ve never doubted Akshaye’s ability to convincingly portray strong and complex characters. And with Section 375, it’s exciting to watch him fight legal battles, as he seems to be embroiled in some personal conflict.

Bollywood is no stranger to legal battles and intense courtroom scenes, and this brief teaser raises our expectations by bringing a pertinent question to the forefront – the repercussions of a rape accusation. 

Watch the teaser here. 

The movie will release on September 13.