Each year, I wait for my appraisals hoping maybe I’d get some raise finally. I mean, just like anyone working in a 9-5 job, I at least have to wait a year to make some extra bucks. 

But not Rimi Sen. In an interview with IndiaToday, she revealed the amount she made in just 50 days, and it’s safe to say, and all of us are simply shook. 

She took part in the reality show Bigg Boss Season 9 back in 2015. She was in the house for 2 months. 

When asked about having any regrets for being on Bigg Boss, Rimi replied simply that: 

No, I don’t think I have any regrets because they paid me Rs 2.25 crore for 50 days. Kahaan se milega tumko? 

Calling her experience in the house an ‘eye-opener’, she mentioned that the makers of the show were professional and had impressive payment terms. 

While her first reason to join the show was money but the second was that she wanted to see if she can be calm and composed in uncomfortable and difficult scenarios. 

In her interview, she shared if anyone wants to survive in the house, they should plot and play against the system rather than the inmates as Bigg Boss knows how to play with emotions. 

She shared that she left the show because it wasn’t for her. She didn’t like being on camera all the time. 

Well, with that amount of money, I’d sign up to live in any house.