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We go through the motions of life, living one day after the next in quite a haze. After all, when there are deadlines, monthly targets and our appraisals on the line, we wince and let our long-repressed passions stay further repressed. 

When life closes one door, it opens a window of opportunity.

But what about those ambitions that just wouldn’t want to burn out?

Just when we learn to compromise and bury those aspirations as foolhardy or even childish, life finds a way to put us back on the right path. Ultra Shorts‘ new web series “Rise” featuring the super talented Vikrant Massey is a wonderful exploration of the mysterious ways life works its magic. 

A story of a well-settled software engineer at a reputed firm, we see Massey’s character, Shrey live out the quintessential work woes to come fractionally close to his dream of living the biker’s life. Despite his hard work, he is unceremoniously fired and made to question all that he believes he has achieved. Right when he begins to cower back into despondency, life sends him on a soul-searching road trip with his friend’s 55-year-old relative, the most unlikely pillion ever. How they bond despite the ideological differences, break out of their instilled mould and become free in the purest sense of the word sums up the tale. 

This only goes on to prove that destiny will prevail when we lose our way. 

So don’t just aspire to be a cubicle slave, break free of your shackles and experience the world out there. You never know when you find your true calling. But don’t let us give it all away. Catch the episodes here.

If that was a hoot and a half for you, check out the rest of the episodes here. While you’re at it, don’t forget to subscribe to Cheers! to catch the exciting season finale.