Much has been said about Kareena and Saif’s little baby, Taimur. And we have clearly not heard the last of it.

While many questioned why the parents chose a name like Taimur- the name of a Mongol invader, veteran actor and Kareena’s uncle Rishi Kapoor took to Twitter once again on Thursday to defend the same. 

Rishi Kapoor, while drawing an analogy between Jonty Rhodes,  a South African cricketer who had named his daughter ‘India’ and baby Taimur, tweeted that only parents have the right to name their kid whatever they want to. Soon after he tweeted this, he faced much flak for comparing names like ‘India’ and ‘Taimur’.

Here are some reactions to his tweet:

Earlier in December, the veteran actor had also lashed out on social media asking people to mind their own business and even threatening to block people if any arguments regarding the baby’s name ensued with him.