So the Met Gala 2019 obviously served us with some crazy looks, serious style, and party goals – especially as the night moved to the after party


But right in the middle of one of the most stylish gatherings of celebrities was the Stark reunion you didn’t know you needed – Sansa and Robb. 

Angle News

Yes, Sophie Turner and Richard Madden reunited at the Met Gala last night and embraced like long lost brother and sister. 

Harper Bazaar

*Thank God I am not writing this in ink cuz the tears refuse to stop.*

What followed was a deep hug, the kind that could warm even the coldest of winters, and make even my shriveled heart light up in joy. 

Harper Bazaar

Obviously, Twitterati couldn’t help but love as ‘the little bird’ met ‘the young wolf’ again: 

Ah, the Stark kids – they may suck as secret keepers but they sure as hell know how to give a good ol’ warm hug.