Robert Downey Jr. is as funny in real life as he’s on screen as Iron Man. He is an avid social media user and his Facebook account is a storehouse of laughter.

His amazing sense of humour and wit sets him apart from everyone. 


Here’s just some of the best of RDJ’s ‘work’.

Always having fun at the expense of his near ones.

He totally deserves it!

He himself is enough to have fun.

Next level Photoshop skills gives you this.

He keeps forgetting that he is not in fact a cat.

Close ones are targeted the most!

We need more men like him.

Cuteness goals.

How did they not take him?

Still a better love story than Twilight.

Taking offense. What’s that?

We wish!

Tony on a pony, is it?

How dare you Captain America?

Can Pi survive with this tiger?

There’s nothing he can’t pull off.

We can only wish to be even half as cool as him.

So much love to you Robert!