Rohit Shetty surely knows how to prepare his filmy pizza with colourful toppings of car flying up in the air and oh-so-hilarious dialogues. But what is pizza without cheese right? Mera ishaara supporting cast ki taraf hai. Can you imagine if his movies would garner such immense love if there were no Pappi Bhai or Vasooli?

So, let’s give the supporting cast of Rohit Shetty films a big hand ‘coz they totally deserve the praise and recall how they made us laugh out loud.

We have 15 of them here:

1. Pappi Bhai in Golmaal 3

Veteran comedian/actor Johnny Lever played the role of Pappi Bhai, a robber who keeps struggling with memory loss in Golmaal 3. Lever’s wide-eyes and creepy smile-waale expressions were damn hilarious and the background sound of ‘bhulaaa...’ was a cherry on the cake. And who can forget the scene when he was not willing to show a sketch to his sidekicks? Main nahin dikhaunga…Remember?


2. Vasooli in Golmaal series

Mukesh Tiwari, who has been a part of Golmaal franchise since its first installment, Golmaal: Fun Unlimited, truly aces the iconic role of Vasooli Bhai every time he appears on the screen. Audience love watching him in Sanjay Dutt’s rip-off avatar from Vaastav. Yeah that black outfit and red teeka on his forehead. Vasooli’s dialogue, “abey jaldi bol kal subah Panvel nikalna hai” in Golmaal 3 still remains a hit among cinephiles.


3. The anonymous local guy in Chennai Express

Remember when Shah Rukh Khan as Rahul was trying to ask a local guy about the highway in Chennai Express and how their conversation turned out to be due to language barrier? HILARIOUS, isn’t it? The character of this anonymous man was played by South comedian King Kong. With just one single scene, his appearance managed to tickle our bones way too much. Yeh lo phir se enjoy karo!

4. Raghunandandas Govardhandas Vakawale in All The Best: Fun Begins

Who could have performed this role in All The Best if not Sanjay Mishra himself? Mishra as Raghunandandas Govardhandas Vakawale (RGV) added his own tadka of comedy in the movie and his Pran-like accent made it even better. His other dialogues like, “Tu toh aise bol raha hai jaise mere picche woh“, “Dhondhu, just chill”, and “koi aur colour nahin hai barkhurdaar” are some of my favourites.


5. Teja aur Daaga in Golmaal 3

Pappi Bhai’s sidekicks, Teja Aur Daaga in Golmaal 3 whose names were borrowed from Mr. India are on the list as well. Vrajesh Hirjee played the role of Teja and Sanjay Mishra was cast as Daaga. Just like their boss, they were stupid and hilarious at the same time. Daaga spelling out Diwali as DDLJ is one such proof. And how can anyone forget when they were like “meri maa kisi ke saath bhaag gayi thi”…”iski maa jiske sath bhaagi thi woh mera baap tha”.

6. Sattu Supari in Golmaal: Fun Unlimited

Actor Siddharth Jadhav, who played the role of Sattu Supari, a henchman of Babli Bhai (yeah, I am coming to that as well) in Golmaal, also left us in splits. Jadhav’s camaraderie with Sanjay Mishra’s character Babli was a highlight of his comic role in the film. Don’t miss their oh-so-hilarious conversation here:

7. Tobu in All The Best: Fun Begins

Before Pappi Bhai, Johnny Lever entertained us with Tobu, a local mute loan shark in All The Best. Lever as Tobu uses a spoon and glass to communicate what he is trying to say. (Yeah, that’s right hahaha). Without speaking in almost whole film, he made us laugh out loud with his hilarious expressions. BTW, do you know his character was inspired by Sir Judah from Karz?

8. Babli Bhai in Golmaal: Fun Unlimited

Imagine a gangster whose name is Babli. Funny isn’t it? In climax scene of Golmaal where Gopal, Madhav, Laxman, and Lucky get to know that Sanjay Mishra’s character is named as Babli Bhai, all of them burst out laughing. We did too. With Babli, Mishra showed us that a villain can be sweet too especially when said, “Itna maarunga itna maarunga bhikaari bheek nahin dega.” BTW, “samandar mein tattoo?“, remember?

9. Prem Chopra in Golmaal 3

Veteran actor Prem Chopra was featured as himself in a flashback scene from Golmaal 3. Even after decades, he truly aced his evergreen filmy dialogue, “Prem naam hai mera, Prem Chopra.” Chopra’s hilarious camaraderie with Mithun Chakraborty and his courtroom drama-waale dialogues were quite fun to watch. “Toh jhoomo naacho gaao...”, yaad aaya?

10. Mary in All The Best: Fun Begins

Not just Sanjay Mishra, famous actress Ashwini Kalsekar also tickled our bones in All The Best. Kalsekar’s funny accent as Mary, the Malayali maid was a highlight of her role in the film. Remember when she called Raghu, ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ in her Malayali style?

A still from All The Best

11. Ravi Shastri in Bol Bachchan

Comedian/actor Krushna Abhishek, who played the role of Ravi Shastri in Bol Bachchan, is on the list too. While Abhishek Bachchan and Ajay Devgn hogged the limelight, Krushna as Ravi Shastri also left us in splits especially in sequences where he was acting like Amol Palekar from Gol Maal for his play.

A still from Bol Bachchan

12. Pandu in Golmaal: Fun Unlimited

Apart from Babli Bhai, Vasooli, and Sattu Supari, Golmaal also featured a character called Pandu played by Vrajesh Hirjee. Remember the man who had snake inked on his body and he fought with Gopal, Madhav, Laxman, and Lucky near a swimming pool? This one, here you go:

13. Zohra/Madhumati in Bol Bachchan

Archana Puran Singh, who was cast as Zohra and Madhumati in Bol Bachchan, was also fun to watch. Remember when Singh as Zohra said, “abhi joote nikaal ke doon kya tere munh par, doon kya doon kya…” In another scene, she aced the role of Abbas’ fake mother, Madhumati as well.

14. Shambhu Kaka in Golmaal 3

While Prem Chopra as supporting cast stole the limelight in the flashback scene from Golmaal 3, late actor Viju Khote as Shambhu Kaka was fun too. Khote also appeared in another sequence and apparently from heaven where Pritam asks Guddi if she married Shambhu Kaka. “Guddi beta ye kya keh raha hai?” remember?

A still from Golmaal 3

15. Nandu in Singham

Remember the scene where Nandu changes his voice while speaking to Bajirao Singham on Kavya’s phone number in Singham? “Agar ye gaana aapko pasand hai toh star dabaiye…” Yes, that. While Nandu gets caught, he surely made us laugh. Wasn’t his acting hilarious?

Keep entertaining us with such funny characters, Rohit Shetty! ‘Coz bina cheeze ke pizza adhoora hi lagta hai!