Let's admit it, over the years we've seen some amazing fictional workplaces, including the office from The Office. 

But, Brooklyn Nine-Nine gets the award for being a cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, place to work at - and that's all because of the people who work at the nine-nine precinct. 

Brooklyn Nine Nine poster
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And, among the amazing, relatable (for the most part) characters who work at the 'noin-noin', the one character we all secretly (and not so secretly) want to be like is, Rosa Diaz. 

Rosa Diaz
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You may think you'd like to be punctual like Amy, fun like Jake, over-enthusiastic like Boyle, or sarcastic like Gina. But, no one aces the true meaning of being an ideal employee in the millennial age like Rosa does. 

Brooklyn Nine Nine Scene
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For starters, she is all about the boundaries. For the longest time, her co-workers aren't aware of who she is once she leaves the precinct - and she'd much rather keep it that way. 

So whether it's doing pirouettes, sharpening her swords, or fixing vintage cars and selling them to celebrities, Rosa's private and professional lives remain separate.  

Rosa dialogue with Emily Goldfinch
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Also, when it comes to Rosa, she lets her work do her talking, quite literally, since she hardly ever talks. And if you make friends on the way, like her friendship with Jake, then it is a bonus. 

Rosa running
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Rosa Jake Friendship
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She does not believe in rambling on about her emotions. At her workplace, or outside of it. 

Rosa dialogue on emotion
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Rosa sadness
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Rosa I Love You Comment
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*I mean, you feel it, and now you even gotta talk about it? It's the equivalent to talking instead of texting. The horror!*

But that does not mean that she doesn't follow plans or have her colleague's back. Even when she is upset with Amy, she lets Amy know that she has her back. 

Rosa Amy Plans
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Rosa Amy
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The best part about her is that even when she may not like socializing, she does not shy away from standing up for what's right and supporting her colleagues. 

Diaz supports Amy
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Also, she is confident about her sexuality, but that does not translate into a need to discuss it incessantly, like everything else in her life. 

Rosa bisexuality
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Just like her fashion sense, or her idea about necessary accessories, may not be the same as the rest of the world - but she doesn't care two hoots about it. She is who she is! 

Leather jcket Rosa
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Most importantly though, it may take her a few minutes (or hours), but she does ask for help when needed and admits when she is wrong. 

Like the time she took Boyle's help when she was flirting with Marcus, or accepted that pets can actually become an integral part of your lives. Of course, it was in her usual, non-mushy, straight-up, badass way. 

Rosa and Arlo
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Simply put, Rosa lives by her own code of conduct. And herein, she values the things that are important to her - like supporting her colleagues and being good at her job. But, she'd much rather do it efficiently, and most importantly, in a cool, silent manner. 

Rosa is the level of cool I'd always aspire to be!