Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t need an introduction, but describing him is always a great feeling. Thanks to his illustrious filmography and off-screen persona, SRK has garnered millions of fans around the world. The crowd outside Mannat on his birthday each year speaks volumes of his stardom. The overwhelming response to Shah Rukh’s recently released film, Pathaan, is another proof of it.

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However, there was an incident when someone behaved rudely towards the superstar and left him speechless. We are talking about the times when he was hosting Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 3. An old video of the moment has caught attention on Instagram.

The clip posted by SRK’s fan club, (@iam__srk__king) shows a KBC contestant sitting on the hot seat while playing with the show host, Shah Rukh Khan. In the video, the contestant who was reportedly a professor, can be seen refusing to hug the superstar before she quit the show. “Mujhe iss show mein aapse gale lagne ka koi shauk nahin hai,” she says.

Source: SRK fan club/Star Plus

SRK was visibly surprised with her statement for a minute and later he came up with a savage response.

Source: SRK fan club/Star Plus

Mein aapse ek request karunga. Aap bahot strict hain….Aap bura maanengi main apni taraf se maa ji ko ye cheque de kar aaun?….” the superstar replies. To which, the contestant agrees. “…Kyuki woh mujhse gale jarur milengi,” he adds.

Source: SRK fan club/Star Plus

Shah Rukh Khan then goes to meet her mother in the audience, hands over the cheque, and takes her blessings. Don’t miss the expressions of the contestant.

Watch the video here:

Netizens have sharing their opinions about this moment:

Most people hailed SRK for his savage response and how he handled the situation in a graceful manner. A few of them felt that though she has a choice, her behaviour was totally uncalled for.

SRK being SRK. SRK being the king of wittiness.

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