Anupamaa is among the highest rated shows on Indian television – which is proof that the audience is ready for a change in content and it’s time to leave the old patterns behind. The show has addressed topics that most Indian TV shows shy away from. And, we’ve got yet another reason to appreciate the makers of Anupamaa.


In an interview with ETimes, Rupali Ganguly, who plays the titular role in the show shared doubts she had before joining. She said that she had gained some weight and wasn’t sure if people would like her on-screen after the 7-year gap. The actor also talked to the producer, Rajan Shahi about wanting to lose weight, as they were casting her as the ‘heroine’.

When I joined Anupamaa, I was a little plump and I told our Producer Rajan Shahi that you want a heroine and at this age (Ek toh this age factor always plays on your mind) let me lose some weight. He said, I don’t want a heroine, I want a mother and you are perfect for the role because mothers are like this. Mother’s don’t get time to hit the gym and have a perfect figure and have a flat stomach. Maa maa hoti hai, she will first think about her kids, family, house and later maybe she will think about herself if she gets time.

-Rupali Ganguly to ETimes

However, Rajan Shahi told Rupali that they wanted to cast someone who fits the role. Given that her character is a middle-aged mother, they focused on the fact that exercising or losing weight might not be the top priority for the character. This is one among the many reasons why Anupamaa has managed to win so many hearts. Rupali Ganguly also shared that the love that this show has received is something that made her more confident, which made her let go of the doubts.


The show tells it like it is and tries not to put women on pedestals or set unexpected standards. And, we cannot deny that Rupali Ganguly is nailing it as Anupamaa.