Once upon a time, in the complicated Marvel multiverse owned by several studios, our beloved Deadpool had apparently applied for a position with the Avengers. Sadly this fourth-wall-breaking invincible fighting machine was rejected. And life went on for both him and the movie-version of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. 

b’Image Source: Marvel Studios/Giphy’

Synonymous to Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds, however, proved he will always be a good sport about this ‘rejection’ and took to Instagram to give us the most meta throwback ever. 

Here’s a better look at it:

b’Image Source: Instagram’

The letter (which is on Stark stationery), dated April 14, 2012, happens to be around the time of the premiere of the first Avengers’ film. Like always, Ryan/Deadpool (they’re practically the same person now) is on-point with nostalgia and cross-studio meta references.

b’Image Source: Marvel Studios/Giphy’

We love you, Ryan. And never give up, Deadpool.