Hugh Jackman, like most of us, isn’t a fan of the Wolverine origins film. I mean, he’s played Logan very successfully for almost two decade but that’s one monkey he’s ever getting off his back. 

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And speaking of monkeys that do not like getting off Jackman’s back, Ryan Reynolds crashed an X-Men reunion party recently. 


Jackman, Sir Patrick Stewart, Famke Janssen, Halle Berry and Sir Ian McKellen had all gathered together on a video call to celebrate 20 years of X-Men as part of the Global Citizen: Unite For Our Future benefit concert, which was going smoothly… 

… until a very Canadian man appeared on screen, joined by James McAvoy and Sophie Turner. 

Also, Sir Ian left almost at the sight of Reynolds. Possibly for a LoTR reunion, followed by Turner who said he was dude for a GoT region. Both Halle Berry and Famke Jansen left for James Bond reunions. And at last, Sir Patrick Stewart left for the Star Trek reunion. 


Leaving poor Hugh Jackman with Ryan Reynolds, who pointed out it had turned into a reunion for a different film altogether, with Liev Schreiber popping up to say ‘X-Men Origins reunite!’

You can watch the video here: 

Poor Hugh Jackman!