Hugh Jackman, like most of us, isn't a fan of the Wolverine origins film. I mean, he's played Logan very successfully for almost two decade but that's one monkey he's ever getting off his back. 

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And speaking of monkeys that do not like getting off Jackman's back, Ryan Reynolds crashed an X-Men reunion party recently. 

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Jackman, Sir Patrick Stewart, Famke Janssen, Halle Berry and Sir Ian McKellen had all gathered together on a video call to celebrate 20 years of X-Men as part of the Global Citizen: Unite For Our Future benefit concert, which was going smoothly... 

... until a very Canadian man appeared on screen, joined by James McAvoy and Sophie Turner. 

Also, Sir Ian left almost at the sight of Reynolds. Possibly for a LoTR reunion, followed by Turner who said he was dude for a GoT region. Both Halle Berry and Famke Jansen left for James Bond reunions. And at last, Sir Patrick Stewart left for the Star Trek reunion. 

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Leaving poor Hugh Jackman with Ryan Reynolds, who pointed out it had turned into a reunion for a different film altogether, with Liev Schreiber popping up to say ‘X-Men Origins reunite!’

You can watch the video here: 

Poor Hugh Jackman!