We may not agree with a lot of things but the one thing we will all agree on is how Ryan Reynolds is the definition of cool. 

He is witty and witty. I mean, look at these Ryan Reynold’s Twitter replies… they are pure gold.

Humour is an essential ingredient to being cool and Ryan is all about that humour jazz. 

This takes a God to reply the way he does. No layman can do that, won’t you agree?

He is clearly not scared to stand out, embracing his strange weird self like nobody’s business. 

This video for example. 

And of course tweeting all the strange, funny stuff that he keeps posting. Being cool, as Ryan puts it really well in his demeanor, is being as much yourself as much you can be. 

He is good at what he does. 

With movies like Deadpool, Green Lantern, Buried and The Proposal, he has proven to be an excellent actor. 

He has a fucking amazing personality.

’nuff said. 

He is a great husband who knows the world loves her, because well he loves her too. 

When a reporter told Ryan she was “in love” with Blake, and he gave this perfect response.

Also, look at the way he looks at her. *stares at them forever*


And this.


Annnd this. *I am dying*


I want someone who looks at me…. oh! fuck it! I need Ryan Reynolds to look at me the way he… nevermind! 

But, look at them! What a heavenly sight! 

He’s the best worst dad ever. And these tweets explain why he’s nailing parenting like a pro.

And then, he cracks these splitting jokes about them.

But like this one took the cake away. 

 One more. Sorry but this is adorbs!

Thumb wrestling isn’t always fair. Curiously, my hand is the small one.

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I feel like Ryan Reynolds has glorified being a dad in a way that is so real, it hurts. 

He takes what’s rightfully his. 

Like when he refused to give back his Deadpool suit. 

Kids, this is how you do cool! 

He can take a joke.

You have to be able to take pot shots at yourself with panache, if you want to be Ryan Reynolds cool. 

He can pull this face in a picture and still look like a million dollars. 

Here a sad Ryan Reynolds does not look ready to live in Hiddleswift’s America.

b’Source: Instagram’

This picture went viral.

And people did what they did best, made zokes. 

He is witty as hell.

Ryan Reynolds admitted Blake Lively was no longer the most important female in his life since he became a dad. This is what he said in an interview: 

Ryan for life, guys, Ryan for life.