It looks like the OTT space is picking up where Bollywood leaves the themes lately with the storyline and the kind of fresh stories that the web series are generating. Freedom that the digital space has always had is that the narratives have delved deeper rather than simply skimming the surface of any subject.

As a result, the most recent offering from Zee5, Saas Bahu Achaar Pvt. Ltd, goes into more detail about the value of a woman’s identity and its necessity in the most traditional sphere. 

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The six-episode Amruta Subhash-led series is about being a woman entrepreneur and the difficulties that arise when you lack formal education, economic assistance, or job skills. However, the show is also about how much willpower and self-confidence it takes to just go beyond any obstacle.

Created by director Apoorv Singh Karki and TVF co-founder Arunabh Kumar, it is set in Old Delhi and is centered on a middle-class woman. The “basic skill” of achaar making, which is a skill that most women in our country own, serves as the protagonist’s main weapon in battle.

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In order to create yet another bittersweet drama, writers Abhishek Srivastava and Swarnadeep Biswas were able to leverage the sentiments and struggles of the urban Indian middle class.

Our main character Suman is introduced at the outset of the first episode. She strives tremendously to build an achaar business and begin her entrepreneurial path with the genuine hope of winning her children back from her ex-husband Dilip.

The central idea of the narrative centres on Dilip (Anup Soni), who abandoned Suman (Amruta Subhash) in favour of the widowed Manisha (Anjana Sukhani), and who has since seized custody of their children. Meanwhile, Suman wants her children back but is unable to provide for them financially or for their schooling. Overall, it tells the story of her becoming financially independent through the business of homemade achaar, gaining control over her life, and becoming a mother capable of providing for her children in every way.

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Even though not every home or every woman will find Saas Bahu Achaar Pvt. Ltd. relevant, some of its elements are undeniably familiar to any Indian woman. 

The series’ title is also something I find intriguing about it. The done-to-death stories and dynamics we have seen in our daily soaps have somehow given the term “saas-bahu” a very different connotation for us.  And now, a web series featuring the same characters has presented a realistic and remarkably distinctive saas-bahu tale that we have always wanted to see. 


Although the protagonist experiences her fair share of challenges and hardships, her mother-in-law offers her unwavering support (Yamini Das). Their intricately crafted bond is the most compelling in a series that emphasises the nuanced relationships between opposing individuals.

The show subverts the prejudices that typical television content has built up over the years in a multitude of ways. The former spouse and the new wife genuinely get along well and keep their relationship respectful of one another. Fortunately, the stepmother isn’t portrayed as a ‘wicked witch’. Actually, the children grow to like their stepmother with time.


Amruta Subhash receives the most of the plaudits for her performances, which is rather obvious considering how consistently brilliant the performer is. It’s great how effortlessly she transforms into the role of Suman. The script is more incisive and stronger when it comes to the other woman, despite the fact that all the supporting cast has performed admirably. The characters that Soni and Sukhani portray in this series, however, add a significant level of complexity.


Despite all of that, the audience could find the story’s predictability to be a little unpleasant because it diminishes their excitement. There is essentially no surprise left because you know what will happen at the end actually from the first episode.

Saas Bahu Achaar Pvt Ltd, however, manages to make it a likable series despite the predictability concern with its straightforward and genuine approach. The show is unquestionably flavorful, perfect for a weekend binge, and something you’ll want to watch with your family.