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Are You Ready For Sacred Games Season 2? Take This Quiz & Find Out!

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Bhagwan ko mante ho? Bhagwan ko lu** farak nahi padta! 

You feel that? Yep, that's the return of the goosebumps you felt almost 1 year ago. The 25 day wait is almost over and we're just hours away from another exciting season of Sacred Games

If you are yet to binge-watch Season 1 to refresh your memory, this quiz might just help you remember the all-important scenes, dialogues and of course, deaths. 

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So, before you head off to binge on Season 2, let's check out how much you remember from Season 1.

1. What is the profession of Gaitonde’s first father?

2. Who killed Ganesh Gaitonde's mother? 

3. What is the colour of the car Gaitonde always dreamt of owning?

4. Hero banna hai to pehle comedy chhod. Who said this?

5. Who killed Ganesh Gaitonde? 

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6. Kyun aati hai yeh qurbani hamare zindagi mein baar baar? Allah tang aa gaya hai humse. Who said this? 

7. Gareeb logo ki entry sirf mandir mein free hai. Who said this? 

8. What was Surveen Chawla’s character’s name in Sacred Games?

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9. What is the name of the Bollywood actress living a dual life in Sacred Games?

10. Apun _______ hai, kabhi nahi marega. Complete the dialogue. 

11. Katekar and Sartaj were investigating a couple of boys where Katekar was killed. Where were they? 

12. Gaitonde goes on a killing spree, murdering close to 80 people. Whose death fueled this action? 

13. Sartaj and Anjali reunite to figure out whose connection with Gaitonde’s prophecy?

14. Nayanika Gets Karan Malhotra Busted for the possession of which illegal substance?

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15. Who gets Paritosh Shah and his family killed when they are on their way to attend Gaitonde’s wedding?

16. Who was killed by Gaitonde on figuring out the reason behind Paritosh Shah's cold-blooded murder? 

17. What did Jojo Mascarenas supply to Ganesh Gaitonde?

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18. Who was Gaitonde’s first partner in gold smuggling?

19. After killing Saleem Kaka and taking over Momin’s garbage business, what does Ganesh Gaitonde declare himself the new god of?

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20. Who helps Gaitonde setup his illegal liquor business initially?

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