Well, if you are a 90s kid, then you know that there are only a handful of songs that can make you groove like a party animal and Sukhbir‘s Ishq Tera Tadpave is still one of those songs. The song, which has been our go-to party song for the last twenty long years, holds a special place in our hearts. From weddings to birthday parties, we have all grooved our asses off on this iconic song.

However, apart from the upbeat music, have you ever noticed the lyrics of the song?


I know what you are thinking, who cares about the verses when the song is so brilliant? Well, I do. And, while I was listening to the song, on repeat mode, I just paid special attention to its lyrics. I realised that even though the song is nothing less than a party anthem, the lyrics of the song were eerily sad and heartbreaking.

Don’t believe me? Well, take a look!

We all hooted as soon as this song started playing but here’s the real meaning of the intro.

Taare gin gin yaad ‘ch teri,

main taan jaagan raatan nu,
rok na pavan ankhiyan vichon,
gham diya barsatan nu
Oh ho ho, ho oh ho, ishq tera tadpave

I stay awake at night as I count the stars while remembering you,
I can’t stop the rain of sadness in my eyes
O, your love tortures me

The following words depict the bittersweet pain of love.

Khalle mainu tere bin taan har pal ye tanhaai da,

dasse mainu naagin wangu mausam teri judaai da
Ik pal vi main pull na paavaan teri mithiyaan baataan nu

Without you, every moment of loneliness feels bad to me, 

your separation feels like a snake bite
I can’t forget your sweet talks even for a moment

From sleepless nights to deep-rooted memories, the song is relatable to every unrequited love story.

Ishq tera tarpata hai na raat ko soya jaata hai,

uljhaa rehtaa hoon yaadon mein mujhko bada rona aata hai,
bhool gaya main khaana peena zindagi ko hans ke jeena,
tere chakkar mein meraa ek botal roz ka peena

Your love troubles me and I can’t sleep at night

I remain entangled in your memories and I cry a lot,
I’ve forgotten about eating, drinking and living happily,
because of you, now I drink a bottle every day

Still think it’s a happy song?

Pyaar mein tere hum din raat jalte hain,

rokna main chahoon phir bhi aansoo to nikalte hain,
raat bhar main teri photo se baatein karta hoon,
playlist mein meri bas sad song chalte hain
Dil jala ke roshan kitta main to teriya raahvaan nu,
tup le ke main kaliyaan tere naal sukh diyaan thandiyaan chhaavaan nu,
samajh na paayi kyun tu mere pyaar bhar jazbaatan nu?

I burn night and day in your love,

I want to stop it, but these tears can’t stop,
I keep talking to your photo all night,
there are just sad songs on my playlist,
I burned my heart and lighted your path,
I’ve exchanged the cool shade of joy with the scorching sun that covered you,
why couldn’t you understand my emotions full of love?

Now you know what I was talking about, right?

You can listen to the song here:

BRB, playing Ishq Tera Tadpave once again!

Please note that all images are taken from the song.