Saif Ali Khan, whose latest movie Tanhaji is doing quite well at the box office, recently sat down for a chat with Film Companion’s Anupama Chopra, discussed the politics of the movie, the idea of secular India and why actors find it difficult to take a stand in the country.

Anupama asked him about the ‘questionable politics’ of Tanhaji, to which Saif replied that he took up the role because it was ‘delicious’, but if someone says that the movie depicts the history, they are wrong.

He also added that the idea of India didn’t even exist until the British era.

Speaking further on the topic, he honestly confessed that he’d rather work in an industry that doesn’t tweak facts. 

However, he added, that is what sells. Adding that that’s ‘dangerous’.

As for his personal life, Saif said that the country has the best services to offer and as far as his family is concerned, there couldn’t have been a happier time. But keeping that aside, he mentioned that India is inching away from secularism with each passing day.

Finally, after explaining what democracy is and allows, he said that the actors in India don’t take a stand because they don’t have the freedom to. In that, it could have serious ramifications for not just the person who said it, but also for those who didn’t.

You can watch the full interview, here.