Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are reportedly filming one of the most extravagant romantic songs to be ever picturised in Bollywood. The romantic track is said to have a budget of a whopping ₹3 crore (approx).

Source: Filmfare

₹3 crore is huge for a song. But is it really worth it? Here are a few other useful things that we can get in this money.

1. 60,000 people can be fully vaccinated with Covishield or Covaxin.

Source: HT

2. Around 2 lakh people can receive basic meals.

Source: Business Standard

3. At least 150 COVID-19 patients can receive full treatment in private hospitals.

Source: TNM

4. 15,000 oxygen cylinders can be procured for hospital emergencies.

Source: BBC

5. At least 5,000 kids can receive primary education in decent schools.

Source: India Today

6. At least 600 resident doctors can be paid their monthly salaries.

Source: TNIE

7. You can sponsor the entire education from primary to higher level for at least 100 students.

8. At least 150 rural households can get pucca houses.

Source: development news

9. At least 18,000 households can get LPG connections.

Source: ET

10. At least 50 ambulances can be procured for emergency medical use.

Source: Reuters

11. At least 1,00,000 women can get a month's supply of sanitary napkins.

12. At least 12,000 vehicles can get their montly supply of fuel (petrol/diesel).

13. You can pay a rent of ₹30,000 for at least 83 years. That is more than a lifetime.

Source: Housing

Why to spend so much money on a song?