You may not have noticed but Salman Khan made an appearance on The Powerpuff Girls.

No really, he did. We spotted him. Bhai is everywhere.

You have no good reason to believe me, and that’s okay. But are you going to look at this and tell me this character was not based on Salman?

The character’s name is Sanford D. “Snake” Ingleberry, and belongs to the Green Gang family. But we all know where we else we have seen him – Tere Naam, yes. 

He even has qualities similar to Radhe Bhaiya, in that he is mischievous. Though he isn’t as commanding as his Bollywood counterpart. 

And…has a bit of a different style?

Powerpuff Girls Fandom

That’s okay, though, it’s a cartoon. 

Sanford D. “Snake” Ingleberry, commonly known as just ‘snake’, used to bother Powerpuff Girls a lot and over all wasn’t a very pleasant person to be around. 

And whether or not it was based on Salman bhai, we are going with the version that he was.